Our story

Keeping track and getting traction.
TYGERMOM is all about helping you (and your company) to get down to business, focused on launching a startup that lasts. From the start you will share your enthusiasm with the people you meet, and convert this to the added value you and your business need.

We love starting up

We are and have been an idea, project, startup, business, failure and success ourselves.

We're launching startups

We ignite starters that have a need of finding out what to do next and which people to meet.

We've been there

We know that funding is not the first thing you need to start a successful business.

We support taking action

You share your enthusiasm with the people you meet and convert this to your real need.

We get you ready

For doing business and getting funding if and when you really need it.

We get to results

You keep focus on those people and activities that really take you and you business further.


The Startup Navigator

Looking for more?

TYGERMOM is made for and by experienced starters. We try, fail, learn and succeed every day, just like you (will). We continuously try to support, alert and guide you with valuable insights. When that is not enough, feel free to reach out when possible.

Support in setting goals

We guide you with short relevant lessons from experts and business founders to set the right goals.

Alerts when keeping track

We support you so you get the most out of every meeting and keep track of the people you engage with.

Insights to reach targets

We will get you ready to get the resources you need to take your business to the next level.

TYGERMOM in short

Keeps you focused to use your strengths efficiently.

Helps you in doing business and getting funding.

Creates a clear path to reach your targets.

Why waste any cup of coffee?

When you can keep people you engage with involved in every stage of the development of your business and convert this enthusiasm into real added value.