Set clear goals to reach targets.

Keep track of your startups' progress.

Make sure your startup(s) will go to the next level.

Instant helicopter view

Keep track

of people to engage with

Set goals

and reach your targets

Stay focused

on what you need to do

Prepare yourself

for (crowd) funding

Get resources

you really need


of capabilities and concept


and unlimited feedback


a startup that lasts

Collecting actionable data

Managing all opportunities.

Startups will stay focused to walk the talk.

Startups will get the right customers and resources.

Keep track

With TYGERMOM startups stay focused and keep track of the people that add value to their startup.

Prove traction

With TYGERMOM startups prove traction and they will keep their network involved.

Get resources

With TYGERMOM startups will get the resources they need and eventually they will get funded.

Get started, get funded

We know that successful startups don’t start with funding. We’ll make sure startups are ready for funding when they really need it, making lasting progress while supporting them along the way.

Improve business communication

Know what (your) startup(s) need.

Draw clear expectations for stakeholders and backers.

Make sure enthusiasm converts to practical action.

Take control over business

Grow a healthy business that gets your startup(s) where you want. With TYGERMOM startups get at least 70% of the resources they need before they get 100% funding.